Android Development

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Android devices are taking the global audience by storm featuring over 80% of smartphone shipments around the world. The percentage is becoming higher and higher each day. At the same time, Android apps take leading positions among other applications when it comes to downloading featuring 60% of all apps for portable devices.

One will hardly doubt that Android appears to be a leading platform. It comes as an essential tool for both businesses and casual users letting them bring the most daring and innovative ideas to life. The platform has turned into an efficient business tool as well as a unique channel providing a wide range of cost-effective and beneficiary applications for all types of enterprises despite their size and operation field. Moreover, the platform is being constantly developed and modified to meet the needs and expectations of modern users. Android platform became faster and smarter taking into account latest technological breaks-through. With the ever-growing number of smartphones powered by Android, it is not surprising that most marketers look towards Android app development. Hire Android app developers and programmers to work exclusively on your project, a leading mobile app development company. All you need is to choose the most reputable and trustworthy app development agency. Check out our list of top agencies featuring their ratings and reviews.

How to Find a Good Marketing and Development Agency?

Finding a professional remote app creation team will hardly be a challenge. There are dozens of offers in the web when it comes to digital marketing and promotion. Most of them introduce professional teams that consist of specialists in various development fields. At the same time, some may find it difficult to pick a company that will be able to meet their needs. Despite numerous guarantees and promises, only few truly pursue individual approach to their customers. No matter how creative and unique your business idea is, you still need to deliver it to your end-user. This means that you will need not only skillful programmers and developers in your team, but also promoters and marketers.

You need to consider several key factors before choosing a contractor. Firstly, pay attention to when it was established. The longer specialists operate on the market, the more experience they have. Some reputable companies provide customers with reviews from previous clients and reveal their development process describing every creation phase. They traditionally consist of business analysis, building an app, testing, launching and support.

Keep in mind that building an application is only 50% of success. You will certainly need further support and maintenance taking into account updates and modification to meet the needs of your users. That is why choosing proven experts can appear to be a true challenge. Our aim is to let you pick up the most reputable and trustworthy app development agency according to their rating. You can also keep in touch with the latest reviews and descriptions of all companies presented in our list.