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Once upon a time there were no iPhones and no apps but there were two college friends, who lived together and worked for Apple. When the first iPhone was released, Eric Shapiro and Adam Fingerman did not lose the opportunity to embody an idea of a new business. This business was going to make successful thousands of people all over the world. It was app development.

The friends started Arctouch, which has been growing for seven years. Now company hires more than 100 experts, including programmers, designers and engineers. There’re clients of Arctouch all over the world and they leave satisfied feedbacks and recommend company to their friends.


Success is about building connections. Eric and Adam reached success because they understood the importance of creating apps that correspond with the customers of their own clients. Yes, we know that creating an app is a responsibility and a process, which requires talent and creativity because an app should be not only appropriate for the customer but also unique.

We make apps that create wonderful experiences, so that your customers will enjoy themselves while using an app on their most personal device – a mobile phone. Indeed, our age expands the range of personal devices and we are going to go with the times.

Arctouch Services

Arctouch offers a wide range of services for diverse devices: phones and tablets (for Blackberry, Windows, Android and iOS), wearables and watches (such as Google Glass, Google Cardboard, Google Gear, Apple Watch, Pebble, Olio and Samsung VR), homes and cars (including Phillips Hue, Apple HomeKit, Honeywell TotalConnect, Google Brillo, Mycrosoft Sync and Apple CarPlay) and even television platforms (such as Chromecast, Android, Apple and Fire TV).

Our customers enjoy diversity which is related not only to the devices but also to the range of services, as our services include design, maintenance of the product, its engineering and testing and even outlining a strategy from the outset.

    • Mobile Strategy

Strategy underlies all the subsequent actions and business success. For this reason, we start working with a client from investigating the customer’s company and outlining its weaknesses and strengths. We use ideas in order to make your ideas work in the way you wish.

    • Design

Users enjoy visual journeys, engaging and convenient app design which makes the program more useful and delightful. We pay attention to the right combination of information architecture, visual design and user interface that altogether bring wonderful experience to every single user.

    • App Development and Engineering

Our developers work hard on creating an app from scratch. We do our best to build, test and publish your app on the stores and our experience allows us to be competitive on this market. We also work with the Internet of Things and wearables.

    • Lifecycle Maintenance

They support our customers 24/7 even after the app has been developed and published. This means that you don’t have to worry if your app works well and without bugs. This is our concern.

Arctouch Development Process.

We value every customer and consider you as a partner. This means that development process is being run side-by-side with your team, taking into account all the details and comments. They pay attention to quick and good results and they are possible only in cooperation with the customer’s company.

Every day you will be able to monitor progress through our videos and screencasts. Indeed, we test the app constantly in order to maintain high quality of the product.

Focus Area

arctouch focus area
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  1. Morris July 27, 2016 at 6:03 am #

    We have chosen ArcTouch because it was highly-recommended by our business partners. The thing we needed was a small app for our clients to help them connect and communicate with our customer service. Our first impression from ArcTouch was a positive one. We liked its managers and its staff seemed extremely friendly. The problems started when we required the first screencast to control the development process. It was delivered two days later. All in all, the company didn’t follow its deadline and released the app a week later. Due to this fact, we had certain problems with our business.

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