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EsecForte is a company, which specializes in the field of Global Consulting and IT Services, namely in Business Consulting, Mobile Application Development, Process Improvements, IT outsourcing and Information Security. We have a team of talented and creative developers, who are passionate about what they do. We work thoroughly on every project in order to bring success and sustainability to every single company, which turns to us.


We have years of experience in this market and experience in combination with skills and talent gives us the ability to provide every customer with efficient solutions. We do our best to promote your business growth and work on profit-oriented results.

Technology changes and changes the whole world, including business world, too. EsecForte makes technology useful for your business success.

EsecForte Services

EsecForte offers a range of services that is expanding to the technology change. We believe that this change offers more and more opportunities for business growth if one uses them correctly. We have created a flexible, innovative and convenient service, which is being improved with every new order. Our team works with every client individually because we value strong relationships with the organizations that need our services. We do our best to provide you with working and profit-oriented solutions and our experience enable us to complete this task. Our team uses all its creativity in order to design and develop unique and outstanding applications for our customers.

EsecForte Development Process

Development process should be all-purpose and simple at the same time. Here’s what we do:

  1. Strategy. We start from getting familiar to your business and working out the best strategy. Every business has its weaknesses and may face challenges. We do everything to help a customer to overcome these obstacles easily.
  2. Plan. Taking into account strategy, we start creating a plan of the future app. Our customers receive this plan in the form of wireframes. We are open to discussion and comments.
  3. Design. UI/UX Design is a must nowadays. We take the approved wireframes and create a wonderful design;
  4. App Development. This step consists of coding and programming that can be monitored by a customer;
  5. Quality Analysis. Before launching an app, we turn it into the Beta Build and test thoroughly;
  6. Launch. Launching an app is a tricky task. We can complete this step instead of a customer;
  7. Maintenance and Support. We provide every customer with a three month support. This means that we take care of all the bug fixes and updates after the launch.

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