Fueled Review

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The company is dedicated to designing and developing prizewinning applications and websites that possess many of outstanding advantages. They treat their clients as the best ones with the most captivating tasks Fueled eagerly undertakes to accomplish. Their goal is to give the customers quality, weather it is a startup or a big well-known company.


Fueled was founded in 2008. It gathered more than 100 skillful people who are united by the same idea. The company appreciates the workers this is why they offer respectable wages.

Fueled Services

Fueled services are as follows:

  • Developing concept and strategy: they take a finished out idea or just a sketch and, when the overall idea is approved, they complete it with every necessary detail, everything the team knows about mobile development, marketing, etc.
  • Branding and design: The company believes that the design is the first thing a user pays attention to, this is what give the app real feel and touch. And design is exactly what makes the app move upper in charts in the busy market of applications. This is why giving the app a perfectly suitable design is crucial.
    Development and start of the application: Fueled start their development procedure with giving the application the right architecture. They offer customers a sustainable development process where they have full access to check the proceedings every two weeks. Once the application is completed it is time to launch it. Fueled team of experts makes verifies the quality, watches the availability of the application the in the store, checks if it passes through acceptance process of Apple, etc.
  • Maintenance: Fueled is going to be there to conduct ordinary checkups and expand the feature of the app. They may offer collaboration with the team of the customer if desirable.

Fueled Development Process

To get the work done in the best way Fueled has divided the process of development of the application into several stages to ensure top quality of every aspect of the process at any stage.
To set off with the development they first work in strong cooperation with the customer to understand their cherished desire and goals, to see the further concept. Once it is figured out, comes the drafting. Each screen is being wireframed, and the structure of the application is created. The third stage is to bring about pretty design. At this stage company defines assets and the identity of the design. Then they proceed to the development itself and adding functionality to the application. At the fifth stage every screen undergoes quality control. If during the testing any issue comes out, they fix it at the next stage. And this is also the stage of finalization. The seventh stage is when Fueled put the completed app to the App Store. And from this point on the customer is finally able to start earning their money.

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2 Responses to Fueled Review

  1. Ren June 30, 2016 at 4:10 pm #

    The key point about Fueled is that actual result does not correspond to its promises. We ordered an app and its full maintenance, but they refused to maintain our product and did not even explained the reason. In the end, we had to turn for help to other app-developing company.

  2. Randall July 5, 2016 at 4:11 pm #

    Communication with clients is the weak side of Fueled. I tried to contact them several times, but there was no efficient feedback. Each time, when we had questions about the project, we had to wait for an answer for several days. They did not have a product manager, and we talked to four or five members of their team and explain our requirements again and again.

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