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Intellectsoft focuses on developing apps for Windows, Android, iOS and HTML5, along with CRM and ERP suits. If desirable, customers of Intellectsoft can be offered integration, promotion and performance services for their products.


Intellectsoft Services

It never stops its own improvement. This is why results of their work are always up-to-date and so beneficial for their customers. The company develops applications for major platforms as Windows phone, Android, iOS, etc. They are ready to offer any service they have in their arsenal for both emerging startups and well-known brands. They believe that a qualitative product is an inherent part of the enterprise marketing concept. Intellectsoft provides consultation services for their partners that bring up fresh commercial opportunities, improve carried out procedures and their results, upgrade systems, etc. Service of application development include enhancement of business processes and systems, development of user interface design and evolving user experience, coding and testing, and assurance of quality.
They offer generation of enterprise solutions, as well as development of software. Intellectsoft does the SMB Expertise that is development of mobile applications, webs and web designs, games. They help reputed companies and startups develop their ideas into big things that might change the whole industry. Support and maintenance services provided by Intellectsoft include acceleration of productivity and advancement of the services based on software from different types of systems. Their experts are available to give consultations at any time.

Intellectsoft Development Process

Development process at company is thoroughly structured, each step is well-defined and consistent. It includes the following stages:
They start with carrying out research and making analyzes of business in question. The project is initially presented by click-type pattern. Once the final version is approved it is provided via web link. They further proceed to project planning. The group of specialists evaluates the frame of the project, its time of delivery and the cost of services. Then comes the presentation of graphic design, which is introduced in several options. After making the necessary preparations, the process of development of the app is run. Once the app is done, it undergoes testing. If all the tests are passed the application is set out in use. At the same time, this is not the end of work done by Intellectsoft. They continue providing support and enhancement of the app thereafter.

Focus Area

intellectsoft focus area
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