Metova Review

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Metova was founded as a company, specializing in mobile app development, in 2006. Partnership with BlackBerry appeared a successful beginning and during the first two years many changes took place.


In 2012 the company was merged with A4 Solution – another small firm, which was working with information technology services for the governmental structures. The union had benefits to both of its members, so that Metova could get closer to the use of mobile in governmental structures, while A4 Solutions expanded variety of contracts they could conclude with the government. Nowadays the company has influence on four locations in the U.S. and its branch remains named Metova Inc.

The team of Metova consists of people, who are ready to learn new things and therefore can easily master new skills in constantly changing world of IT. They specialize in app development since the first Android phone appeared in 2008. Our developers have been working on Blackberry, Android and iOS as long as these platforms exist, so we are often called the veterans of the app world. Indeed, we have experts who have mastered Ruby on Rails which is on demand in the modern world.

Metova Inc. hires more than 150 people who outline strategies, create design, develop apps, complete quality analysis and provide customer support.

Metova Services:

App Development for iOS. We have experience of developing iPod and iPhone apps for one of the largest companies in the world. This kind of services takes about a half of all our orders. Our iOS developers have worked out a simple and convenient development process which allows a customer to monitor how the app is being created.

  • App Development for Android. Our experts have years of experience in developing apps for Android smartphones and tablets. This kind of services takes a great part of our orders. We hire skilled and talented Android app developers, who complete the orders easily and on time.
  • App Development for Windows. Although this kind of services is less popular than iOS and Android app development, we hire skilled and experienced developers, who enjoy their work and provide our customer with the best solutions for Windows.
  • Web Apps Development. Every developed app includes a web component. We have experience of designing and creating company presence websites, APIs, content management systems, administrative portals and usual web apps.

Our customers definitely enjoy the fact that they can get all the services they need in one place.

Metova Development Process

Development process takes 6 stages that provide high quality and timely delivery of the order:

  1. Business strategy. You get familiar to our strategist, who examines your business and outlines a business plan, which includes app development. The right start is necessary for success.
  2. Design. Convenient interface and attractive design are a must in the modern market of applications.
  3. Development. Code and programs are our passion. We enjoy this step and do our best to provide you with wonderful product.
  4. Testing. Before releasing an app, it’s necessary to check everything several times. We pay attention to this step.
  5. Training. If you have a talented coder, send him or her to us. We will provide him with skills, experience and understanding of what your project needs.
  6. Maintenance. After submitting an app to the store, it’s necessary to keep it working. Turn to us and we will fix problems and update the app.

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2 Responses to Metova Review

  1. Nik May 12, 2016 at 3:39 pm #

    Unfortunately, I have a bad experience with Metova company. The beginning was fine and I expected the outstanding results. But, I was disappointed. After several weeks of cooperation, it occurred that they couldn’t stay in our budget. I think that such behavior isn’t appropriate for professionals. We established budget limits and expected that they would abide by the agreement. We had to stop our cooperation and look for another company.

  2. Mark June 28, 2016 at 3:46 pm #

    Metova company had a solid reputation and I expected to get a professional and responsive assistance. But unfortunately, I was chagrined when I tried to contact them to solve some problems occurred, and they just ignored all my letters. I expected that they would provide me with responsive support. But in response to my letters, I received only silence. Where was their much-acclaimed responsive client support service? Maybe they had a day-off or they just preferred to ignore my letter. I advise you not to cooperate with this company.

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