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Attracting clients and Developing Business Models. Product and Retention Strategies.


Mobiversal is a successful app development company with offices located all over the world. We don’t create simple apps, we work on supporting the whole business, developing strategies and sustainable technologies.

Mobiversal Services

  • Developing Mobile Strategy

This is the very first step, when we take your idea and implement it, so that it corresponds with your business purposes.

  • Crafting Mobile Design

Each detail of the mobile design is attentively and carefully created according to your preferences.

  • Developing a Mobile App

Strategy and design are combined into an app, which fits your specific purposes.

  • Server Backend Development

After its development, the app is not left alone; it is usually matched to the server backend.

  • Publishing

Almost the last step appears to be boring and time-wasting. Don’t worry, this is not your concern, we will do it instead of you.

  • Additional Website or Microsite

We don’t create simple apps, we create apps with wonderful and useful websites.

Mobiversal Development Process

  • The First Meeting

Everything begins from interaction with a customer. We pay attention to the purposes of the customers’ business, main concepts and try to identify what kind of challenges the client is going to meet. After that, we do our best to find out all the possible ways to overcome these challenges and help our customer to reach business purposes.

  • Drafts and Framework

Before switching from theory to practice, we represent the product and tell what kind of features it will support and how they will cooperate. We create a framework for the app and take into account clients’ comments.

  • Design

Attractiveness and efficiency are about design. We do our best to create impressing and high quality design according to the discussed wireframes of the app.

  • App Development

Having finished with drafts and design, we start working on the app itself. The process is divided into separate stages. A customer is able to monitor the whole process and assess every stage.

  • Quality

We pay attention to high quality of the final product, so that our team monitors and checks quality of the app after every stage of development and prepares a Beta Build after the app is finished.

  • Release

After all completing all the improvements, we turn a Beta Build into a Release Candidate Build. The next step is submitting an app to the stores. You can do it on your own if you wish or we can do it instead of you.

  • Guarantee

We provide you with guarantee of quality and with support during three month after the release. This guarantee covers small updates and bug fixes.

Focus Area

mobiversal focus area
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