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OpenXCell has existed for years and our team has witnessed all the stages of app development. We remember the way everything has begun and we do our best to stay among the most eminent providers of app development. People and companies who look for high quality solutions for mobile apps have been choosing us for years.


We know that development itself is not enough for high quality service. We provide our customers with relevant marketing strategies that correspond with the app development and organize strict control for quality of the app and customer support service.

Nowadays borders between web and mobile have vanishing. For this reason, we have handpicked a talented web development team, which creates wonderful websites and web apps that work on all the platforms.

We are proud to win awards in this field of business and we work hard on improving our services in order to satisfy all the possible needs in mobile and web development.

OpenXcell offers a range of services, such as:

  • Custom Software, Mobile and Web App Development and Design;
  • Game Development;>
  • Optimization of Conversion, Branding and Website;
  • eCommerce and Retail;
  • Enterprise Content Management System.

All the services include testing of the product and its quality assurance as well as work with a talented and offshore dedicated team.

Development process at OpenXcell consists of the following stages:

  1. Outlining a Strategy. We start from examining our customer, his or her business needs, requirements, wishes and plans. After that, we work on a strategy, which will help to overcome possible difficulties and make an app as efficient as it can.
  2. A Plan. A strategy is only the beginning. Then our customer receives a framework for the app in order to decide what functionality is needed and how to embody it.
  3. Design. Visual part of the app development is extremely important as it makes the first impression on potential customer. We do our best to combine attractiveness and functionality in the app design.
  4. Development Process. As you can see, development process itself is only a stage in app creation. We have an agile-based system, which allows a customer to monitor and control the process and notify us of all the desired changes.
  5. Testing. Before publishing an app on the stores, we test it on different stages and complete a final testing. This is the stage of Beta Build.
  6. Launch. Successfully passing the stage of Beta Build, an app becomes the Release Candidate Build. This means that you can submit it to the app store or entrust us with this task.
  7. Guarantee and Maintenance. Every app needs to keep maintained after launch. We take care of our apps during three months after the purchase. This means that you don’t have to worry about bug fixes and updates.

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