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Our history starts in 1998, when Robert Patrick, 18 years old, founded PhD Computing Inc. which was consulting and creating software for such companies as ADP and Experian. However, mobile application development is quite a narrow sphere and Robert wanted to expand it. He was impressed by success of Organic Sales – a company, which focused not only on design of mobile applications but also on their marketing. This company had experience of working with Toyota, Transamerica, B of A and PGA. The partnership began and in 2011 two companies merged.


After the redesigning, we have become PhD Labs – that’s who we are today. Our company has been evaluated and ranked by such famous websites as and Best Web Design Agencies. Indeed, our team developed an outstanding startup ecosystem, which supports app oriented companies. All these steps brought us to the top of the ranking.

PhD Labs Services:

Our experience began in 1990’s when we started offering custom software services. Nowadays we also provide customers with app development solutions and our services are divided into three main categories:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Customers turn to us with the ideas for their business and we turn these ideas into reality, namely into unique and popular apps. Our team possesses enough creativity and experience to make dreams come true.

  • Web App Development
  • PhD Labs are among the best web app developers in the world. Skills, talent and experience made us capable of completing diverse web apps for some of the largest companies in the world as well as for startups.

  • App Marketing
  • The way to success online is catching attention. Attention has become something like an online currency. We know that successful app development is impossible without advertising campaigns in social media. PhD Labs helps its clients to use everything social media can give them.

PhD Labs Development Process

We work with loads of projects of different sizes and with diverse needs, so we have worked out a simple and thorough development process, which allows us to complete the orders in the best quality.

  1. Plan and Design it. We start from taking your idea and analyzing your business. During this step, our team converts your business needs into the language of technology and finds ways to satisfy them. First, we create a framework for the future app. Second, a full prototype is outlined. The whole Information Architecture Plan is being discussed with the customer on every stage of its development.
  2. Develop it. The second step is about coding, programming and testing. Our team consists of highly-qualified developers, who use all their knowledge, skills and talent in order to create a unique and outstanding app.
  3. Launch it. The last step is often underestimated, though it is vital to the subsequent success of an app. We know that submitting an app is quite a tricky process and our experience makes us capable of helping the client to overcome all the possible difficulties and get the product to the market as quickly as possible.

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