Willow Tree Review

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Willow Tree is a professional team who develop applications for any platform not excepting new technologies. Willow Tree, with their services for strategy, design, development, integration and optimization, offers solutions applicable for any type of businesses.


Willow Tree Services

Willow Tree has a wide variety of services to offer their customers:

  • iOS Development: the idea is to make use of every benefit of each platform and implement them in creating suitable solution across iPhone and iPad, Apple watch and Apple TV;
  • Development of web applications: Willow Tree does development of any kind of web and mobile apps, and websites that run excellent on any device;
  • Development for Android: all apps developed by Willow Tree meet all the standards of Android due to their years-long experience and thorough analyzes of this platform;
  • UX Strategy: the team of the Willow Tree can help you out with the issues that keep building up around your idea;
  • Xamarin Development: apps created by Willow Tree do make impression of the native ones because they are developed on the Xamarin platform applying great experience of the company;
  • UX design: Willow Tree creates the designs that don’t just please the users but also represent the company and build its reputation;
  • Security and Compliance: they have worked out their reliable system to protect the business data of their clients;
  • Mobile Backend Engineering: experienced API specialist of Willow Tree produce solutions specially customized to meet the requirements of customer’s product;
  • Analytics: customers can sure they receive the right data because the company’s analytic expert shall be involved in the process of development from A to Z.

Willow Tree Development Process

The realm of mobile applications nowadays is changing rapidly, thus there emerges more competition. Choosing the right path of developing the application can ensure its visibility and marketability in this rough ocean. Willow Tree offers a secure structure of the process of development of a successful application consisting of 7 steps.

  1. The first step is to conceive the customer’s idea and expectations. To do this, the team of Willow Tree cooperates closely with the customer.
  2. The second step is to create models for each screen. To define gaps, if any, and draw up the information structure of the application.
  3. At the third step Willow Tree’s designer make their job creating the concept of the design.
  4. The fourth step involves animating the application, which means encoding the product.
  5. After that comes the step of testing. Each screen is thoroughly checked and examined until they make sure everything operates perfectly.
  6. At the next, second last, step the application undergoes improvements and final examination.
  7. Step 7 accomplishing the development process. It involves submission of the finished application to the app store. This is when the customer starts receiving revenues for their products.

Focus Area

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