XCubeLabs Review

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XCubeLabs claims to be among the leading companies in the world of development of mobile apps and consulting in the sphere. It is also amongst the most estimable teams generating mobile solutions. Their aim is to get at the heart of the matter of finding a real applicable solution to bring their partners to success.


Despite working out effective projects for a fair amount of start ups, XCubeLabs can boast of being partners with several companies of Fortune 500. Their experience goes far beyond number 600 of developed applications.

The success of the team is build on the work of more than 300 of best mobile consultants, precise methodology, investments into research and analytics of innovations, designs, experience, and many other steps that XCubeLabs takes to keep the dominant position in the industry of mobile technologies. They have wealth of experience in producing successful mobile solutions, creating designs for mobile applications and developing mobiles games, consulting on mobile strategies.

XCubeLabs Services

The company offers their customer a large spectrum of services.

  • Digital transformation: means helping the strategy of the customer transform into the up-to-date innovative direction, resulting in market success.
  • Gaming: XCubeLabs has develops games that gained over 10 million downloads; found more than 100 P&P solutions. They are super experts in gaming.
  • Mobile: XCubeLabs team is a past master of mobile world. They work with all major platforms, their portfolio comprises more than 700 applications.
  • Marketing: they do not just release the app, but also promote it and tune it up to bring it level higher.
  • Design: XCubeLabs experience and number of customers speaks for itself. Their experts do not just put the pixels together, they breathe life in them.
  • Testing: the foundation of their testing system is customer experience of suing the product.
  • Integration of devices: XCubeLabs add innovation to mobile application by integrating them with some external hardware. This is very beneficial and opens up new horizons before customers.

Other services provided by XCubeLabs include business process management, content management, analytics, building connected objects, smart TV and apps.

XCubeLabs Development Process

Development process for XCubeLabs means provides several alpha and beta version of the product to guarantee the expected functionality. The 8 steps of the development process are as follows:

  1. Conduct of research and analyzes of business.
  2. Presenting the project through a clickable pattern. The customer is submitted the final version of the app via web link.
  3. Project planning which includes assessment of the scope of the project, its deadline and cost.
  4. The customer is provided several optional design variations to define the final graphic design of the product.
  5. Development of the app.
  6. Testing.
  7. Procedure of deployment of the app.
  8. Providing support and optimization.

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2 Responses to XCubeLabs Review

  1. Oswald April 10, 2016 at 3:55 pm #

    [x]cube LABS is a responsible company and we’ve appreciated their apps a lot. However, the organization is not that brilliant, most of ordered projects were delivered after the deadline so plenty of our business processes were postponed and we haven’t achieved needed results. We like great quality of apps produced but punctuality is necessary too so we’d like for [x]cube LABS to have better project management system.

  2. Patrick July 19, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

    We were really fascinated by the way our app was developed. However, it was developed not the way we really wanted and not all requirements of the brief were fulfilled. We wanted for that app being cuter and more attractive for young people, the final app was mainly for businessmen. So we’d like for [x]cube LABS to analyze target group more precisely and pay more attention to requirements in brief. We hope results would be more successful for the next projects.

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