Y Media Labs Review

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Founded in 2008, Y Media Labs is among some of the most recognizable mobile app development companies. It provides its full-scale services globally and cooperates with some of the biggest names in the niche. You now have a chance to work with a team of dedicated experts who have been shaping the mobile world for more than 6 years already.

The company has a team of up to 1,000 employees including designers, visual architectures, programmers, software developers, testers and promoters. Their mission is to bring your every idea to life no matter how tough or complicated the challenge is. Y Media Labs operates for many years and has always been considered as the industry leader by such big names like Apple, Forbes and some more.


Y Media Labs Services

The company established customer-oriented approach to find out your key goals and purposes. It lets us obtain a clear vision of the final product that will totally satisfy you. We keep in touch with the latest market trends to implement the most innovative ideas and advanced technology enabling a smooth running of the product.

We perform an in-depth market research to develop the most effective strategy and implement our award-wining marketing and promotion campaigns. Our team of professionals deals with:

  1. Visual Architecture and Design;
  2. Prototyping, Programming and Developing;
  3. QA Testing and Maintenance;
  4. Marketing and Promoting.

Y Media Labs Development Process.

The development process is rather clear and at the same time effective. It includes some vital steps that let us bring to life the most dare project no matter how many features you need to include and what they are.

Step 1 – We discover your purposes, targets and goals to obtain a mutual understanding of the future product.

Step 2 – We explore the market and learn from your main competitors in the niche keeping an eye only on the most beneficiary features and crucial drawbacks to avoid.

Step 3 – We launch prototyping and design.

Step 4 – We introduce a beta version of the project and launch testing.

Step 5 – We introduce the final version of the application and submit it to the app store.

Step 6 –We implement efficient promotion strategies and marketing solutions.

Focus Area

y media labs focus area
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