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Yalantis is the company that develops native apps for iOS and Android. The team of experts works to create unique mobile solutions for representatives of small and mid-sized business, as well as the beginners. They concentrate on developing of advanced video and audio material, along with graphic for devices based on Android or iOS. What brings success to their clients? Its Yalantis’s customer-focus approach and high-quality product heir make. Among tier clients are the executives from New York, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin and Kiev.


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The dominant activity of the company is the development of mobile solutions for iOS and Android. They render the full range of maintenance cervices included in the process of development at every stage from the beginning till the accomplishment.

When it comes to the design Yalantis always focuses on the end-user. They try to predict the impression of the users of the application. They look at the course of building a design as real artists – they do details and then put them together in one single sculpture that makes a competitive product in all respects.

The process of app development consists of a number of multiple procedures, the services they offer for their clients: among them are analyzes of the market competition and the market itself, research of users’ needs, graphic design, testing at all stages of development. They also provide their customers with products enhancement service, quality control assurance, support and updates after the app is done.

Yalantis Development Process

Yalantis divides their development process into 5 stages.

  1. At the 1st stage they gather the information about the idea of the app form the customer, discuss terms of cooperation, and make rough calculations of the cost of the service;
  2. At the 2nd stage the draw the plan of the project, describe technical requirement and basic design of the future app, and finally make the detailed estimation of the development flow;
  3. At the 3rd stage they do the prototype of the app, make necessary testing, collect customer’s feedback;
  4. The 4th stage includes release of the application;
  5. And, at the 5th stage, they provide client with maintenance service, continual improvement of the product and its design.

Focus Area

yalantis focus area
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